Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Material Boy #317

Below: My very coveted Dries Van Noten Tie Wrap Stripe Shirt..

Below: The tie wrap around the waist is interesting, a simple idea that sets
the shirt apart from conventional ones...

Below: As worn by the model on Dries Van Noten Fall Winter 2009 runway show

Below: An alternative to the shirt...a cool Silk Stripe Tie Belt...Love it!

Below: The models on Dries Van Noten Spring Summer 2010 runway show
demonstrate the appeal of this belt. I want! And it's a recurring item which means
your 'buck' gets more mileage...just that it is expensive for a simple silk item:-(

Below: Alternatively, get more bang for your bucks with Uniqlo's tie belt
and shorts about value for money!

Dries Van Noten Tie Wrap Stripe Shirt + Tie Belt

Lately, I have been taking a keen interest in Dries Van Noten. It seems the brand's subdued elegance and classic style, while being contemporary brings surprises season after season especially since 2009. From Spring Summer to Fall Winter 2009, the men's collection have been consistently appealing, with my interest peaking upon seeing the Spring Summer 2010 collection. The colourful, print driven Tokyo meets Calcutta design theme seems to bring together some of the most wearable and yet beautiful looks a man can ever wear. Looking non contrived and oozing allure and style is what Dries Van Noten's designs do best to a man.

But before the Spring Summer 2010 collection debuts next year, I have my sights set on some key pieces from his Fall Winter 2009 looks. What caught my eye big time is this Dries Van Noten Stripe Shirt with a tie wrap at the waist. I just love the introduction of interesting details which sets the otherwise simple shirt apart from it's conventional peers. The tie wrap feature adds suave, flair...somewhat subtle and yet eye catching. Not to mention, being flattering to the man's torso as you can have instant slimming effect when tied at the waist. But this shirt is elusive. I have only found one site retailing it online and it sold out before I can even say 'Uncle':-(. I have asked Club 21 Mens to help me keepa lookout for this shirt. Cross my fingers the shirt will be stocked. I really want it so badly!

And if the shirt does not make its way to my wardrobe, an alternative is in place. How about a lovely stripe Dries Van Noten Silk Tie Belt. Achieving a somewhat 'I dun care' attitude (you wear your neckwear on your waist, that says a lot about effortless chic), this belt will be amazing with pants and shorts. However, the price is a bit of a turn off. A simple piece of silk and some leather is going to set you back SGD $369. I did a bit more searching and found out Uniqlo offers a tie belt, bundled with khaki shorts for a mere SGD $59.90! And it even costs more than the shirt online!?!?! What the heck#@$!?

Okay enough complaining, time for contemplating, should I be frugal or exorbitant...

If only the shirt is around...that would make choices easier.

Source: Antonioli, Uniqlo, Men Style

Retail price:
1) Tie Wrap Stripe Shirt - € 168,33 excluding VAT

2) Stripe Silk Tie Belt - € 169,17 excluding VAT
(The belt costs more than the shirt!?!?!)

Where to buy: Antonioli


Mr. syAEr dEAn said...

hello... im a big fan of ur blog... anyway i got a ques for u.. more like a favor... i just bought myself a pair or Armani Exchange white quilted high top sneakers... i jus wanna know which look it suit da best? with what pants? clothes n pretty much everyting.. thank you.. said...

I love Dries and that shirt is amazing. Worth every penny.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I love the shirt too! But cannot find it...grrr...