Saturday, 22 August 2009

My MANy Bags News #116

Balenciaga's New Bigger Store Opening Soon @ Hilton Hotel, Singapore + Goyard Opens First Boutique in London!

Today I got news of 2 new store openings from 2 of my favourite brands:-P Balenciaga and Goyard! One close to heart, in Singapore, while the other in glorious London!

Balenciaga Singapore (by Club 21) is going to expand and takeover the previous Louis Vuitton unit at Hilton Hotel. Originally rumoured to be taken over by seems this elusive brand has yet to come into fruition on our sunny island. Opening date for the new Balenciaga store will be made known soon.

Goyard fans, fret not...cos' if you are travelling to London, Goyard will be opening its first boutique at 116 Mount Street in London come 24 August 2009! Thanks to Joe of 00o00 for the news! And congrats to Joe for having first hand, exclusive coverage about the new store opening. Do check out more info here:-) I'd be sure to make a visit when I am in London soon!:-P

3 comments: said...

thanks kev :)

i love both parisian houses!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

you are most welcome Joe! Share more pics on Monday when you attend the store opening:-P

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin,

Any idea if the new Balenciaga boutique will carry the men's range as well? The current range at Club21men just doesn't do justice to Balenciaga!