Saturday, 5 September 2009

Fast Fashion Weekends...

Below: Zara Dressing Room Try-out...
1) Zara Dark Grey Jersey Nautical Pea Coat
2) Zara Light Blue Cotton Shirt with Gingham Checks Details
(On cuffs, placket, shoulders and collar)

Below: I love the soft, lightweight Jersey Pea Coat! It has nice aged nautical inspired
silver buttons and most interesting of all, wires inserted inside the edges of collars
and cuffs allow for you to 'mould' the hems of the jacket to whatever way you want.
It creates a 'rumpled' look which you can 'sculpt':-) Call it 'freedom of expression'!

Below: I like the gingham checks details all over the shirt, especially the shoulders,
as it gives definition to the area. Makes it look broader?:-)

Below: Topman Dressing Room Try-out...
1) Topman Stretch Skinny Distressed Jeans in black

Below: It's so tight fitted, it feels like tights:-P But looks very Balmain chic...rips on a few
areas on the thighs and knees

Below: Topman Dressing Room Test-out Part 2...
1) Topman Stretch Skinny Jeans in white
2) Topman Chunky Knit Wool and Acrylic Belted Cardigan

Below: Countryside chic with the belted chunky wool how fitted it looks.
The white jeans again, so skinny it feels like wearing tights...

Dressing Room Fast Fashion

I am soon to list Zara and Topman as my most 'favourite haunts' of Singapore. As fast fashion brand goes, these 2 has some great 'on-trend' pieces at affordable pricing. Shopping luxury brands can be fun, but you probably can't go in and out of those stores to try out the clothing as frequent as you like. I am sure you will be 'blacklisted' in no time if you show your face and not purchase often. And if in a moment of impulse, you like the clothes you try and you can incur credit card meltdown easily and cause more woes than joy.

But for fast fashion, both of these problems are less likely to happen. Pricing is less exorbitant, environment less intimidating. You get to enjoy all those random moments of clothing trials which is what makes shopping fun.

I love hitting Zara. They have something new each week to lookout for. So many styles to choose from and so many key seasonal trends to ensure you are updated constantly. Quality may not be superb, but who cares when trends lasted probably 6 months each season.

As for Topman, I recently discovered they stock the most skinniest jeans I have ever worn. More audaciously tight than D&G or Balmain ('s range) are practically wearing tights (More like Balmain womens. It's stretchy and the leg ends are only 15 inches wide). So if you want slimmer looking legs, time to squeeze into those stretch skinny jeans at the risk of 'suffocating' your future offsprings:-P

Here's a few of my random try outs of some pieces I like at Zara and Topman recently...Dun we love fast fashion? Shopping made fun even without buying:-) (or did I?!?!?! It's a risk to put yourself in the face of temptations:-P)

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Anonymous said...

sexy arms! [:

oh fudge said...

kevin, you have a stalker! LOL

I envy cities with Topman. We have that in Manila (long before New York City did) and I miss it now that I'm in Denmark. Their clothes fit me well. In fact, I have a shirt from Topman which is almost 3 years old. I love it to bits.

Zara inventory here, on the other hand, moves so slow. I don't know if it's monthly but it sure is not weekly.

Anonymous said...

I like the chunky knit cardigan!

Greg said...

Pea coat n gingham shirt is cuteness! I'm rushing down to Zara this week!!!!

Greg said...

which branch were u at by the way? :P

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Greg, I was at Zara Liat Towers!

and if you cannot find it in one store, get them to locate it in the other stores in Orchard: Ngee Ann City and Ion Orchard:-)

Glad you like those 2 pieces. The blue shirt has little details that is kinda cute.:-P and the fit slim and lean.

Happy shopping!


Greg said...

Thanks for the info Kevin! The blue shirt is so Junya-inspired... I just came back from Tokyo and couldn't stomach the SGD 500 a piece of Junyas n Commes :( so this might be my consolation... ha!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I agree. First thought when I saw the shirt... so comme des garcons!:-P

Anonymous said...

i was down at Zara and tried on the blue shirt. It's gorgeous - unfortunately, they have only S,L & XL left ... no M ...

sigh sigh sigh ...