Saturday, 19 September 2009

Kevin Goes To Burberry: SS2010 Womenswear Show #01

Below: I will document my Burberry experience in my new
'My MANy Bags Burberry SS2010 Women's Show Note Book':-P
(Click on the pics to enlarge to full size for better view)

Below: Pre-show thoughts...Entry #1...

My MANy Bags 'Burberry Show' Note Book: Entry 1

With my travel to London just a day is time to get ready for the trip and also the upcoming Burberry Spring Summer 2010 Womenswear Show next Tuesday, 22 Sep 2009. To begin with, pondering over what to wear is already a HUGE 'headache':-P I have yet to decide what will I be wearing:-P. Even went scouting for a top today...but still need to decide:-) Good news is at least, I got my hair spruced up...did I or did I not get that haircut I featured the other day? Well, let's just say it's close, I was too 'chicken' to go all the way so short!:-P (Thanks to Ken of Kenaris hair salon at Wheelock place. He is exceptional!)

Nuff' said about me...what about the show? What will we be seeing on the runway this time?

Typically the womens and mens collection are somewhat aligned for Burberry...taking cues from each other and even sharing the same theme. But will the new SS2010 womenswear share the 'British town and country under British rain and sun' concept as per the mens collection? (Click here to see the men's SS2010 collection)

What details will be inherited from the mens collection? Will it be the 'bondage-like' straps? Leopard prints? What about stonewashed, distressed treatment of the bags? But I have confidence we will be delightfully surprised when it comes from Christopher Bailey.

What do you gals and guys most want to see in this new collection? Or will you want an entirely seperate collection independent of the men's collection? Anticipation is part of the excitement:-P

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin! I WANT TO see you in your Balmain jeans this time! please post a photo when in London!

oh fudge said...

yeah, that.

more than anything Burberry, we'd love to see what you'd wear on the show.

satisfy your stalker! LOL