Friday, 25 September 2009

Kevin Goes To Burberry #09

Below: Yes, finally time to post pics of the event!
Remember to click on all the pics to enlarge for a better view...

Below: The entrance area before the and guests all gather at the reception before headed inside the tent for the show. Perfect chance to do people watching and see who wears what. The excitement and frenzy gives you a full adrenalin rush! It's really one excitement after another as celebrities and fashion VIPs arrive one after another...

Below: Tommy Ton from Jak and Jil documenting for his blog and his studded backpack!

Below: Natalie Massenet from Net-A-Porter...lovely black and white print dress:-) Bagaholicboy encouraged me to go snap a pic with her..but I 'chicken' out. Perhaps I still have not had my drinks:-P Hehehe...

Below: Look at the huge turnout! And Burberry made sure all of the guests are taken care of...with drinks, Champagne anyone?!?!?:-P Cute waiters too!

Below: The Sartorialist...and Emma Waton's body in her stunning gold dress...I tried to take the pics..but lots of things happening at all directions. You turn your head someone is screaming 'who's who' has arrived, then the next moment...another appears out of nowhere. This is when I wish I can split into 2 or 3 Kevins...:-P

Below: Stefano Tonchi (New York Times magazine) giving Carine Roitfeld a greeting peck on the face...

Below: The 'mother' of all fashion idols Anna Wintour...but she is always not turning to face the opposite way...I can only capture her backview...but I took a clip!:-P

Below: Finally it is time to enter the show venue...I had to take a pic of me standing on the actual runway!

Below: Guests start to take their seats...again...people watching time!

Below: Alexandra Shulman, British Vogue editor...thanks to Bagaholicboy for encouraging me to ask to take a pic of her...I was so relieved when she said yes! Thanks Ms Alexandra!

Below: Hilary Alexander with her signature big jewellery and glasses:-P

Below: A seat with my name on it...this is what makes blogging all worthwhile! Thanks Burberry for making my wish come true! (Joe of 00o00 is sitting next to me)

Below: 'Keep your legs uncrossed!' shouts someone in the crowd:-) (seems it is taboo for front row guests to cross their legs as the protruding leg will obstruct the view for the photogrpaphers:-P How interesting to know!) And with that, the show starts. One beautiful draped dress after another reintepreted trenchcoat appeared to wow the audience!

Below: I am always surprised at the intricate detailings on the back as much as the front of the pieces. Christopher Bailey does an amazing attention to details...seems he carried forward the men's strappy details to the women's:-P Who are the guys who guess that in my poll? Bravo!
(Try and spot Anna Wintour!)

Below: Dress gets short and young with drapes and summery pastels!

Below: Mathew Williamson sitting opposite me...

Below: One of the most memorable and outstanding pieces...the silver trench with 'crushed effect'. It's gorgeous glamour. I have a pic of Lily Donaldson wearing a shorter version at the after party:-P Will reveal soon.

Below: Lots of effort in preparing for the show...and it ended in like 20 mins...but the hardwork was deeply felt and from initial response, lots of people adore the new collection!

Below: The guy from Vanity fair...cannot remember name...

Below: After the show...we saw Maggie star struck! She even allowed us to take pics of her!

Below: Diane Pernet, of A Shaded View in her signature look...again I don't know what gave me the courage to ask for a picture...but I did and I got it!:-P

Below: After the show...time to head to the after party. (To be cont'd..check back again...will post pics of after party soon!)

Below: Check out the exclusive footage for the show below:-)

In The Heat Of All The Excitement...

Apologies for the long delay in posting about the Burberry Spring Summer 2010 Womenswear Show event...I have lots of pics I took which I have been wanting to post. But all the travelling and being in Paris for the past 2 days have left me distracted and tired. Paris is a nice city...but language barrier is tiresome in some ways and my hotel, Mama Shelter may be very nice, it is too far off from everything! So to cut the long story short...I am totally tired. A holiday which seem even more taxing than my normal working days:-P

But this holiday experience is something worth all the trouble, thanks to a large part to Burberry! Seeing the show was a hightlight, meeting my fashion idol was another, getting acquainted to my fellow blogger peers was definitely something to remember (So cool meeting you guys, Brieuc75, Bagaholicboy, Joe of 00o00, Jurrdot!). So without any more's that evening's event...PART ONE...

All pics taken by myMANybags. Video by Burberry


Anonymous said...

Love your coverage, Kev! Lots of fierce photos. And imagine sitting across Anna Wintour. Oh good Lord!

I watched the show at Burberry's website and the pieces from both the mens and womenswear are intricate and interesting. Christopher Bailey does know his stuff very well. I loved the 1st coat for men that appeared on the runway. A bit brownish, shimmerish? Love that!

Hapsical Blog said...

You are so lucky you got to go to that!

The name of the Vanity Fair guy is Michael Roberts :)

oh fudge said...

I haven't seen a frontal picture of Emma Watson. Everyone is taking pics at her from the back. What's up with that? LOL

Nice to see your face, Kev!

And yes, cute waiters. I wonder if they have sexy accents. Haha.


Rare pic of you kev!

Nico said...

That is sooooo cool! Oh man, Thanks for the awesome photos. And take a rest!

Nico said...

I watched the vid and I have to say that I absolutely loved the drapings and the shoulders. Bailey has done it again! The metallics, the fluff, it was all lovely.

brieuc75 said...

Hi Kevin,
happy to figure on your blog ;-)

ELF_SD said...

Great coverage and candid photos. You even post a pic of yourself fianally! Very cute waiters. I would have gone back for more if I were there :)
Burberry is doing a great job. The collection is great thanks to Christopher Bailey. And their PR is smart to embrace bloggers. I guess you may have more invitations in the future. Keep up the good work. Safe trip home!