Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Material Boy #322

Below: Get dangerous with these 'menacing' and super chic Burberry Prorsum Barbed Wire bracelets! I love this all black version with metal links and 'leather barbed wire spikes'!
(Price: £150.00)

Below: Or this gold chain and black leather spikes' version as seen on Emma Watson on Burberry Prorsum's Fall Winter 2009 Ad Campaign...this is the season to toughen up!
(Price: £150.00)

Below: All metal version to hike up even more mettle in you!

(Price: £175.00)

Below: Matching 'Barbed Wire' Ring too!

(Price: £95.00)

Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2009 'Barbed Wire' Jewellery

I just found my new shopping obsession for the week. I am getting very excited as I am typing this. Look what Burberry Prorsum has offered us in the jewellery front this Fall Winter 2009 season? (Bad boy(gal) attitudes, 'toughened up' warrior looks are so in trend this season, so this comes as perfect timing for the season.) It's none other that that piece of eye catching bracelet that is seen rocking Emma Watson's wrist in Burberry's Fall Winter 2009 campaign...the tough and yet chic Burberry Prorsum Barbed Wire bracelets and ring! (Yes, it's a women's jewellery range...but guys with smaller wrist will still be able to wear it!)

Leather laces are twirl around chain links, cleverly resembling 'menacing' spikes of barbed wires. It looks 'painful' but definitely non threatening at all:-) The 'dangerous' look lends a strong persona and style and will be fun to fool some friends who might mistake for the real deal. Must buy!

And if bracelet is not your cup of tea, then perhaps a ring for more subtlety:-) But still with the same rock chic attitude.

I am in love. The all black version with leather 'spikes' is my favourite. Or it could be the gold and black version as seen on Emma. She may look all demure and pretty...but the bracelet definitely add some spunk to her persona. Everyone loves a little 'bad girl or boy' in them:-P

Interested? Grab yours now @ Burberry's website!

Source: Burberry


Anonymous said...

Oh kev I'd love to own the bracelet. It looks butch and unisex though. I wonder if they have it here in SG and if it'll be exp or no U_U

clare83nce said...

Hi kev Do they ship internationally?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Not sure about that. But send an email to check? always worth a try! Update here if you get a favourable answer:-)

good night! zzzzzzz time:-P

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Anony,

I think I saw it on the mannequins at the Burberry store at Paragon...but on a women's mannequin:-P cos this is a ladies jewellery. yes, it's butch! we are talking barbed wire here...:-P

vanja said...

In my opinion the black version will suit you best.go for it!

SE@N said...

It's like a softer version of Margiela but I like the black version too.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

It;'s not too bad. Miss out on Margiela's so this will be a good alternative. But in a way, Burberry's seem more glamourous and luxurious. I prefer it:-P

Agency Exec said...

Hi Kev

Did u manage to get the bracelet. I wanted to get it at Paragon but they were out and they don't stock it at all in China. Any ideas?

Who manage to get this?