Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #50

Below: My favourite design of the collection...those distressed details and the 'dirty soles'
is very interesting. The snap button on the back with the zip sold it to me as well. Love it!

Below: The other colours for this design looks equally appealing!

Below: Talk about 'Shoe-gasm'...these boots are love at first sight!

Below: Laceless lace-ups in tan leather...kinda vintage classic. Beautiful.

Below: Another 'wrinkly' range..also calling out to my wallet...

Below: Pristine whites or greys with a streamline shape makes this range of trainers
something worth stocking up in your shoe closet!

Below: Perforated leather never look this good...

Common Projects Fall Winter 2009 Men's Shoe Collection

After getting my eyes green with envy at Sean's gorgeous new boot acquisition...his spanking new and tough-chic officer combat boots, I had to check out New York based Common Projects' website to see what other cool shoe designs they have to offer:-)

And I was not disappointed. The shoe are very well designed and certainly something I would buy. The designs were simple, practical and yet with detailing which sets them apart. One of the most distinctive details are the imprint of the shoe info on the back of the shoes. The idea does not try too hard and yet it's an ingenious touch:-P

Here's a selection of some of the designs that I love love love! Especially the high cut sneakers with a snap button on the back. The streamline shape, the dirt washed soles and the colours used are well thought out and beckons out to shoe fans! Of course, I am one of them. I am also very keen on those combat boots. Just all the right 'ingredients' of what I would am looking for in a good pair of tall boots to match my Balmain jeans! Help, who else is having a 'shoe-gasm'?!?! (And someone in Singapore, bring in these gorgeous shoes to our retail scene:-)

Source: Common Projects

7 comments: said...

Will they ship internationally?

Anonymous said...

gorgeousness to the max ^^


Kevin I'm a big Fan of your blog so I'll share and tell you.... they have them at Surrender LOL.....

Devonshire road those shophouses opposite the PUB building at Somerset.

Apparently they have the new Fall collection. How good a selection from the fall collection, i'm not sure.

I love love love Common project. I have 3 pairs myself. I cant get comfortable... I reckon u should buy them online though...everything is expensive here in Singapore. If you visit Surrender....let me know the pricing.

LUXuryObsessed.....Revolve does ship international..i got a pair from them recently

you could also try (although they are abit expensive) has them too (i got a pair from them recently too and its 20% off for non-EU customers

and some other online shop

good luck!


some links .... they have CP at Colette as well but i think revolveclothing and oki-ni is your best bet

I must say i have trouble finding certain styles online....happy hunting!

LorenzoHK said...

i love love *love* Common Projects shoes.

i have bought three pairs from oki-ni --- they ship internationally. the styles in oki-ni are limited, though.

be wary of wearing their white leather trainers with indigo jeans, though = the color rubs off on the upper edges of the shoes.

ego said...

awesome collections!! love it!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Quiely loud for the links.

yes, the shoes look amazing..need to find them!:-P