Monday, 14 September 2009

The Material Boy #327

Below: Smart Paul Smith Doctor's bag for intelligent gentlemen with class and style:-P.
Crafted from Italian leather and with Bombay padded corners. (Price: £595.00)

Below: Push look closure for the zips. How classic...:-P

Below: I love the purple lining...a visual surprise when the bag is opened!

Below: The eexquisite leather holdall is not too shabby either...:-P
User friendly exterior pockets on the front and back makes this bag a joy to be used while on the move.
(Price: £495.00)

Below: Gathered pockets with tassel drawstrings...interesting feature.
Almost hidden D-ring for attaching a shoulder strap:-P

Below: Paul Smith branding subtly engraved on a metal plaque. The leather looks sumptuous too!

Below: Aaaaah...the atlas print lining is a charm!

Paul Smith Doctor's Bag and Leather Holdall

After my previously blogged about Paul Smith Trompe l'oeil 'Camouflage Print' Canvas Tote, here's 2 more bag gems that gets my approval!:-) Paul Smith is the best at what he does...infusing quirkiness into his classic British designs. There is always a certain surprise when you look deeper into his creations, be it the lining, the prints or the stitching. Uncovering these details is part of the joy of buying into the brand.

My latest 'discovery' from the brand are these Paul Smith Leather Doctor's Bag and a 'ruched' Leather Holdall. So what makes these bags worthy of mention on my blog...let's start with the Doctor's bag.

Firstly, I adore the classic look of the doctor's bag. As the name suggests, the bag takes its inspiration from bags that doctors from centuries past used for carrying equipment when doing outpatient visits. Hence, there is always a certain intellectual association and respect when I see these bags. Being a doctor must be one of the most common childhood ambitions we all in a way, carrying this bag fulfills that little 'dream' for those of us did not managed to pursue that career:-P The structured style is smart and wide opening as well as internal compartments allow for easy access to your bag contents. It especially works and looks great for the corporate gentlemen. The purple lining also adds fun to the otherwise austere bag and is what attracts me most. Paul Smith is a genius with colours!

As for the leather holdall, I love the no frills design with a few surprises. The subtle gathered detailing on the front and side pockets, a tassel drawstring and a rounded silhouette makes this an interesting travelling companion. But again, the best surprise comes in the bag lining which features atlas print fabric that oozes old world charm. Most befitting of a smart travel bag like this one.

Lastly, an important factor of consideration for Paul Smith bags is price points. They are often very reasonable. Who does not like pretty arm candies with attainable price tags?

What do you guys think? Love the bags? No?

Source: Paul Smith


AA said...

Totally agree on purple lining's magical effect, it is so captivating... mmmm! (Not only in this model, he uses the same colour in others.) However, my choice here is the holdall, doctor bag just too 'heavy' for my style :)

oh fudge said...

I've tried the doctor's bag. handles are quite uncomfortable. and it's heavy even when empty.