Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Runway Sniper #38

My Pick For Top Looks Of Spring Summer 2010 Menswear: Dries Van Noten

I am eagerly awaiting Spring Summer 2010...and the only reason I wanted a fast forward in time are these exceptionally cool looks from Dries Van Noten's mens collection. It's Tokyo meets Calcutta! Suddenly Sebastian Lund in D&G don't look so hot to me now:-P

The print shirt and shorts combination is refreshing. The navy suit with a deep v-neck and fringe pocket square classy and easy.

I have begun to 'shop' next season...at least in my mind already. And Dries Van Noten's Spring Summer 2010 mens collection ranks high on the list. I love almost everything..right down to the fringe pocket squares!

Source: Men Style


Davine said...

I love the all V-neck looks. Pretty much how I run around most of the time. The suit looks good too.

Niz said...

Wow the prints look like Indonesian Batik. Lovely! :D