Sunday, 13 September 2009

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #55

Electrifying Balmain

Balmain jeans have a special effect on women. Much as the over hype on the price and many frowning upon Balmain's shot to fashion fame with their 'trashy' over the top 80's inspired have to admit those jeans make a woman look slim and sexy.

So don't keep putting Balmain down...secretly you know you want a pair too:-P

Electric blue never looked this good!

Source: Jak and Jil


oh fudge said...

yes, I definitely love electric blue. haha

I like Balmain but I won't be able to pull it off like, say, Madonna in her video Celebration. Love that Balmain dress on her.

Davine said...

It´s not like balmain is the epitome of slim, so I can´t really vote for one of the two. It´s just that, yes I am willing to pay 400 bucks for something really special. Maybe even 500. But the prices they are charging for these jeans are just not justifiable for me anymore. And we have still yet to see you rockin those jeans ;)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Balmain for ladies are the reason for the interest in the men's least for me. And Balmain homme is not going in the direction of the slim look. But the details in the jeans and some of the women's pieces are undeniably intricate.

I will rock those jeans in due time! :-) Definitely post pics then:-P

Aubrey Mayne said...

I have some Rockstar jeans that look exactly like that. And I didn't have to survive on beans and rice for months to afford them...ha ha

But those blue ones are pretty sweet!