Friday, 23 October 2009

Gender Bender #51

Louis Vuitton 'Stephen Sprouse' Leopard Stole

Men and leopard prints usually do not mix too well. But this season leopard prints makes a glorious comeback and even infiltrates into men's styles, which is not exactly a bad thing. The pattern has a certain wild charm to spice up dull winter wardrobes. So to reaffirm myself guys can pull of a leopard print scarf, I found this picture online which showed a smart gentlemen wearing exactly that:-)

Not only is the scarf an instant exotic style boost, but the leopard print visual pattern also draws attention and gives focal point to the whole understated ensemble. The frayed fringing gives texture too. Like an accent piece of the wardrobe that makes everything else look more interesting.

Of course, to choose a timeless piece of leopard print scarf, the natural choice has to be the art infused, quirky, very luxurious Louis Vuitton 'Stephen Sprouse' Leopard Stole. Made from 70% cashmere, you couldn't treat yourself better than wrapping such a soft piece of scarf around your neck for cozy warm. So boyfriends, now's your turn to 'steal' that scarf from your girlfriend's closet should you happen to know she owns one! For the rest, go grab one for yourself at LV!

LVoe it.

Source: Modeman, Louis Vuitton

Retail price: US $715. Where to buy:
Louis Vuitton

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