Thursday, 22 October 2009

My MANy Bags News #143

Below: For the Mac savvy Mulberry fan boys... a whole range of bags to
match up your cool Apple tech gear:-P All custom fitted and padded for Apple Macbooks,
iphones and ipods:-P

Below: The range for men includes the Drew Laptop Sleeve...

Below: The classic Mulberry Brynmore Messenger...

Below: and the smart Mulberry Seth Messenger...

Below: For the Mac savvy Mulberry fan girls... a whole range of chic Mulberry bags to ensure you stay on top of technology with losing out in style:-P

Below: Now there's more reasons to get Mulberry's holds your 13-inch macbook too!

Below: Or the Bayswater Laptop sleeves, fabulous for Macbook or Macbook Air:-P

Below: If being vibrant and louder is your personality, how about the 'bling, Daria Laptop Sleeves?

Below: Why stop at one... perhaps a matching Mulberry Daria Tote to hold all together:-P

Below: If iphone or ipod is your indispensible companion, this Bayswater Mini Messenger is perfect for casual 'music equipped' days out:-P

Below: If Bayswater range is not your cup of tea, then Daria Mini Messenger is here to save the day!

Designed by Mulberry... made for Apple

(Yes, the embargo for posting information about this has been lifted:-) So now I am able to share more Mulberry goodies with you guys:-)

In this digital time and age, fashion becomes inevitably linked to technology. And every savvy fashion fan looks out for cool gadgets to match up their luxury designer gears:-P Apple is at the forefront of fusing cutting edge technology with trend conscious design. Apple ipods are the leading MP3 players in the world and Macbooks are applauded for their sleek and contemporary designs. Now with the iphone frenzy going around the world, all techie and fashion fans need great looking bags to match up these cool gadgets.

Earlier this year, Apple approached British luxury brand Mulberry to create a collection of their favourite Mulberry bags, adapted for Apple's best sellers – the MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPod, and iPod Nano. Mulberry's has chosen some of their best house favourites such as Bayswater, Brynmore, Daria, Seth and Drew for the collaboration!

Laptop bags, laptop sleeves and mini cross-body bags for the iPhone make up the nine piece collection. Mulberry icons like the Bayswater for women and the Brynmore for men, retain their coveted exteriors; but inside, the bags have been enhanced with features like padded laptop sections, phone and music player pockets and eyelet holes for headphone access. Very thoughful indeed!

The best part about these 'new' bags are their versatility. Beyond carrying all your Apple gadgets, they ensure you stay on the fashion fast track and never lose an ounch of style:-) Perfect for use everyday - even if you've left your gadgets at home!

Deciding to do the collaboration was a no-brainer for Mac fanatic Emma Hill, Mulberry's Creative Director. "Apple products are too beautiful to reside in drab bags! Apple and Mulberry share a legacy of craftsmanship and I'm thrilled that we were asked to be Apple's first luxury collaboration," says Hill.

The bags will be available on Apple's European website and Mulberry stores on November 1st and on from December 1st.

So what are you waiting for? Don't let your poor Apple gadgets suffer in ugly and conventional bags...give them that style boast they need to match up their cool appearance, namely Mulberry!

Source: Mulberry

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