Friday, 16 October 2009

The Material boy #335

Below: Luxury scarves at its best...Hermès Losange Scarf in Cashmere.
Love this soft brown version!

Below: There is so much versatility for the Losange scarf. So many ways to wear it without appearing overbearing...especially in Singapore's heat!

Below: Comes in cotton version for Spring Summer seasons...

Hermès Mens Losange Cashmere Scarf

I think I am catching the Hermès fever. Been browsing online drooling over Hermès pieces for the past few days. Next in line for obsession after Collier De Chien, is the Hermès Losange Cashmere Scarf. This may look like a plain looking piece of rhombus shaped fabric flat, but its versatility and appeal becomes visible when worn!

I love it that the Losange scarf can be draped, tied and twill around the neck... and in all its variations of wearing, simply looked suave and handsome for a man!

Most important, being cashmere, it will feel so soft and luxurious against bare skin. (There is a cotton version too which costs less) Works for Singapore's humid weather too, since the scarf is not chunky and hence non overbearing in tropical heat. Need one! Need one!

Source: Hermès

Retail price: US $750. Where to buy:


oh fudge said...

look at that model's nipples! yum. haha

but seriously, I love my cotton losange. I get a lot of compliments with it.

I wish I also have a cashmere one because it's too cold for a cotton losange. But cashmere losanges are so pricey. Just a little more, you can get a Hermes cashmere GM shawl, which I like better, because it's bigger and warmer and there are more ways to tie.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I like the losange scarf. In either fabrics. For Singapore, cotton will be a better choice, since we only wear it in air con environments:-p