Monday, 26 October 2009

The Material Boy #338

Below: Hiking boots, gladiator sandals, biker studs...all rolled into one.
Konrad Parol's take on gladiator sandals gets my approval:-P I want!

Konrad Parol Gladiator Sandals

Lust of the day: Konrad Parol Gladiator Sandals...polish designer.

Source: Deconstructed Garments


RJ said...

I'm in love.

taj said...

i die a little looking at the glad... i wish to buy one and i hope they have it in malaysia~

Rene Schaller said...

these shoes are beautyfull, first time I'm really in love withe gladiator sandals.... I LOVE THE BLUE!!!!

mm said...

Dear Kevin!

may i ask where can you find Maison Martin Margiela in sg?

am craving for the incognito glasses!

pls help!!!!!


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Martin Margiela is sold in SG only in Club 21 multi label store at Four Seasons Hotel and some in On Pedder shop at Takashimaya. But not too sure if this season On Pedder will carry the brand. But do enquire.



FrancePants said...

Too bad they're too big for his feet :/ makes it slightly less appealing.

I like them but how would i go about getting them in the states?

[v] said...

Just WHERE can I find this? It's chic and really gorgeous! I'm in London, so it might be a little bit easier to find... any idea?

Thanks!! (:

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Not very sure where to get these. The brand is unheard of. But this pair of sandals is TDF eh?

The designer has a website:

[v] said...

I saw the online webbie, but can't seem to find where to get it! ): it looks amazing!!

Unknown said...

my mistake...I forgot to leave mail contact: