Thursday, 29 October 2009

My Shoe Collection #43

Below: Another Club 21 purchase from 2 weeks ago...

Below: For a pair of shoe this price, the packaging sure looks cheap:-(

Below: Fortunately the contents more than make up for the cheap packaging...
Introducing my new Comme Des Garcon Pony Hair 'Leopard Print' Slip-ons!

Below: Love that streak of wild adventure with these cool shoes...

Below: More like 'Snow leopard' than the brown 'African leopard'..

Below: Hairy but happy feet anyone?

Below: SA told me this is pony hair, but it seems it's leather or fabric?!?!
Who cares...I just love these cute shoes!

Comme Des Garcons Pony Hair 'Leopard Print' Slip-ons

Since I am recently on a 'leopard print' fascination, I have been constantly on the look out for more leopard print pieces which could add to the look. So naturally when I first saw this pair of gorgeous Comme Des Garcons Pony Hair 'Leopard Print' Slip-ons at the Club 21 mens, Bangkok, it was instantly a love at first sight. The pair I saw then was of a brown colour which resembles the real leopard colour ways. I knew Bangkok luxury retailers impose exorbitant mark ups on any designer goods, hence I held back my lust and waited patiently till I am back in Singapore to get it.

As expected, prices are cheaper in Singapore and Club 21 mens, Four Seasons Hotel even have 2 variants to choose from:-) At first, I was insistent on getting the brown version which I saw at Club 21 Bangkok, but my size ran out in the Singapore store and I had to contemplate getting this white coloured version. I did not want to make an impulsive decision since the shoes are more 'expensive' than I expect them to be so I walked away to avoid another 'white elephant' in my wardrobe.

After a week of contemplation and not being able to get the shoe out of my mind, I am convinced I want the shoes. Because of the more unconventional leopard print colour ways, I can see it working with summer wardrobes next season. The shoe design definitely can go a long way instead of just being a seasonal piece. It's also a touch of wild 'safari' fun which is quirky and adds a sense of African adventure. Having so many positive reasons to justify my purchase, I went back to Club 21 mens store that weekend and brought back this beauty home (thankfully my size is still available. These shoes are all come available at one piece per size!).

Was told by the SA that the shoe is made from pony hair, which explains the 'higher' pricing. A very comfortable slip on style that you can wear with shorts or rolled up pants. The furry texture together with the leopard print gives an exotic charm and is casual for the weekends but luxurious enough for a fun night out. Next holiday destination...Africa?!?!?

Retail price: SGD $685. Where to buy: Club 21 Mens, Four Seasons Hotel


martis said...

A little bit crazy notwithstanding I like it :D

SE@N said...

GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

It looks great with shorts!:-P


I love it too.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

It looks great with shorts!:-P


I love it too. said...

Super cute.

Pony hair is a generic term many fashion houses use for hair calf or hair cowhide. The French "Vache" means adult cow, so your shoes are made of Adult Cowhide, they just didn't shave it.

Ultimate Revenge of Anantama Putra said...

weww... I'm into this so much! is that possible for order it from Jakarta, Indonesia?

Tom said...

Love this!!