Tuesday, 12 January 2010

If It Fits, It's Fabulous!

It's All In The Fit!

Ahah... someone shared my sentiments about a little nip and tuck on jeans or any clothing to make them fit better. And hell of a difference did it made! My secret of fitted clothing unveiled!:-) Except I asked the tailor for professional help. Dressing is all about proportions to your body. If you look proportionately fitted, you will look fabulous:-)

Watch the clip and get the tip! Dun chuck your old jeans just yet:-P

(I share Bryanboy's sentiments... I adore his accent:-P And you must also see his 'soft furnishings' clip... fascinating DIY:-P and the way he hugs the end product... so cute!)

Source: Youtube via Bryanboy


RJ said...

BUT I've been doing this for years...

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

But you did not put in on youtube:-P

carrotoh said...

the problem lies if the jeans has is of smaller size. hahah.