Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #184

Below: Etro's very colouful and flamboyant Spring Summer 2011 Mens Accessories collection...
the shoes are my favourites, especially these canvas lace-ups!

Etro Spring Summer 2011 Mens Bags, Shoes And Accessories

Etro seems to be most adapt at doing Spring Summer collections. The house of Etro is simply infused with a decadent sense of colours and patterns that fully captivate the summer spirit.

For Spring Summer 2011, Kean Etro is proposing that his Etro guys flaunt more colours, adorn more patterns and start having a rolling good time... be it at the clubs or at the beach! The shoes are the most impressive of the collection, with the patterned canvas versions in checks and prints some of my most coveted!

Tasseled loafers are also given a spot of colour thru clever details of colourful leather weave, allowing the most flamboyant dandy to enjoy a colour filled summer!

The scarves and pocket squares are always a delight to collect, adding flair to any sartorial ensembles of gentlemen dressing with their multi colour and whimsical prints. For this season, I am also especially drawn to the bow-ties... crafted in non boring fabrics, but in some neutral shades with beautiful patterns. Who wants plain coloured bow-ties when you have these?!?!

As for bags, I guess, Etro needs a better designer. The shapes and materials somewhat look overkill and old... so I'd passed on these unless you are a die-hard fan.

Other than the disappointing bag collection, I'd say, Etro has amazing pieces to stock up for Spring Summer 2011. I wonder why Singapore's Etro boutiques always brings in the most dreary and dated pieces... Please get us the more exciting ones!

Source: Etro