Thursday, 30 December 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #186

Below: Lanvin Spring Summer 2011 Mens Shoes... these hybrid shoes with a sports vs couture design is truly refreshing... some work, some less so. But these leather slip-ons are beckoning to me...
Love the first one and even the high cut version...

Below: Bold fusion of typically unappealing tracking sandals with fashion touches of exotic textures and sports details
... I am not so sure about these, but the first one might work better and looked the best... my humble opinion:-)

Below: Hybrid sandals as seen on Lanvin's Spring Summer 2011 runway...

Below: Besides the runway pieces, there are also updates on Lanvin favourites, such as the signature trainers that all Lanvin fans adored... the multi coloured snake skin versions are looking really fabulous!

Below: Other more subdued designs to suit the taste of those seeking more classic styles...

Below: Love these boat shoes!

Lanvin Spring Summer 2011 Mens Shoes

This collection is evidence of Lanvin's evolution into the grunge and tough luxe territory. Compare it to H&M x Lanvin's design style and you immediately see the difference in style. No longer contented to live in a dandy world of refinement and gentlemen charm, Lanvin boys are ready to venture out of their cosy mansions and rough it out in the real world.

Sports vs. Couture? Yes indeed! There is a heavy sports theme in the designs shown on the runway but given a twist with highly applauded detailings. Fusing tracking sandals, sporting details (such as straps and buckles) with exotic skins and textures, the result is a refreshing take on mens footwear. Lanvin has pushed the boundaries of mens' shoe design once again, introducing a brand new way we perceive men's footwear. Some ideas work, some lesser so.

The tracking sandals may be an interesting spin from their actual sporting counterparts, I am hesitant to be wearing them in the city. Perhaps the first one may have a potential to change my mind (pair with skinny pants as seen on the runway?) ,there is still something amiss in them, they remind me too strongly of English tourists with socks:-P (Sorry my English readers!)

However when it comes to the leather shoes, the crossing inspiration worked for me. I love the fusion of sporting gear buckles and canvas straps embellishing the shoes, while a touch of exotic skin adds a dash of adventure. Truly an urban warrior's choice of footwear. The taper back of the wooden heel gives an impression of YSL's Johnny boot, but done in a much tougher way:-) The version in brown and the high cut ones just went straight to my wishlist.

Beyond the 'wow' factor of runway designs, there are other toned down versions to suit a more subdued taste. Signature Lanvin trainers are updated with multi-coloured snake skin... highly lust inducing. The boat shoes in suede and python are equally TDF. Leather lace ups have also been tapered more dramatically at the tip, given a burnished effect that makes them have a charming used appeal.

The strap sandals and full leather trainers (red and brown) are nice, but too plain for my liking.

In my opinion, this is still a wonderful collection with a good mix of favourites and refreshing ideas. Are you ready to shop Lanvin shoes next Spring Summer 2011? I know I do!

Source: Lanvin

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