Friday, 7 January 2011

My MANy Bags News #292

Below: Zac Efron wears his favourite Balmain Homme Khaki Biker Jeans yet again...

Below: These hot Balmain Homme Khaki Biker Jeans are from the Fall Winter 2010, did anyone get them during sales? Lucky u!

Zac Efron Loves His Balmain Khaki Biker Jeans

Yet again, Mr cute, sexy, handsome Zac Efron chooses to wear his Balmain Khaki Biker Jeans in public. I know there are many haters for Balmain, partly due to their exorbitant pricing for very 'mundane' pieces. It may not be everyone's taste and of course budget... but undeniably Balmain ROCKS on the right person.

Below: Zac seen with these Balmain Homme Khaki Biker Jeans previously for an event... looking tough and hot!

Perhaps the now buff-ier and (to be honest) more 'baby-fat ridden' Mr Efron wears these 'easy with anything' Balmain Khakis in the most unimaginative way, he still look hot nonetheless. (The knee patch details have since become Balmain's signature and I adore them.) I love a guy wearing simple clothes:-) It's simply desirable. And to top in off, he likes to wear them real low that he unveils his *ahem* underwear to 'prying eyes' of the paparazzi. Call it strategic seduction:-P

Below: Underwear alert!

Enjoy Mr Efron. May he get more lean+trim again... the baby fats are seemingly catching up! Watch out Zac!

Source: Balmain, Just Jared

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oh fudge said...

I've never seen him with baby fats. From his stint at High School Musical, he always leaned to the skinny side. A bit defined but still skinny. Good that he's getting bigger and bigger.