Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Runway Sniper #73

Below: Another same old, same old... Balmain Fall Winter 2011 Mens collection... just that this time it's styled into a nomad, highlands mountaineering theme... The Balmain man has shed the urban biker styles and hop onto a field trip to the Himalayas?

Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2011 Menswear

Everyone who have followed my blog knows I am a fan of Balmain. I have been supporting the brand since its rise to fame with their womenswear in 2008. When menswear came in Fall 2009, I jumped at the first chance to buy into the Balmain Homme collection. Biker chic, rock star allure and military luxe were major influences for Balmain, and with right timing aligning with the world fashion trends...Christophe Decarnin's collections (both men and womens') got everyone talking and wanting Balmain. Of course, the ridiculous pricing helps to create media buzz and made every fashionista/o willing to go on baked beans just to afford the brand.

4 seasons into Balmain Homme, I must say I feel like eating stale baked beans that's sitting on the table 24 months long (6mths per season, 4 seasons do the math). And it's not a very good plate of beans to swallow.

Although this Fall Winter 2011 season does look better than the current SS2011 collection, very much every item is recurred. From Denim shirts, biker pants, plaid shirts to peaked shoulder blazers to tall boots... reworked a little here and there and they are represented as a new collection. Imagination thumbs down, wearability thumbs up, classics pieces always fit and never go out of style. So I have come into conclusion for my new Balmain shopping formula now... let's all buy Balmain during sale seasons. And it's those further marked down seasons like 70% off that I am talking about. Isn't it a fantastic feeling we get the 'new season' styles but we just pay deservingly less! Smart strategy? Anyone wants to join me?:-)

Of course, I am being very harsh with my critic this time. But pardon me, I still covet some of the pieces, especially with this Fall winter 2011's nomad/mountaineer theme. However, more so now, I imagined creating the looks from my own closet's inventory and not those pieces from the new collection.

Balmain is all about styling rather than conceptual fashion. It's a feeling that you get from the lookbooks that exudes those yearning for the pieces. Balmain excels in creating these 'effortless, highly attainable' styling, served with a hefty does of French nonchalance and attitude, that all men can aspire towards . I lost count the number of times I have been sold into the collections just by browsing the lookbooks.

I think this is Balmain's winning triumph card and why they continue to pursue this design direction and strategy. Easy fashion that most guys can adopt into their wardobes while siphoning luxury prices off them... a winning formula that will make Balmain owners chuckling to the bank. Afterall, profitability and fashion co-exists on a fine balance, and it ain't necessarily a bad thing to go for mass appeal when you can get the big bucks:-)

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Source: Balmain, Fashionisto


Snappylifestyle said...

The fur jacket in the first image I think is my favorite. But really like the styling in both the first and second pic.

SE@N said...

Agree with you... recently Balmain came out with the similar look both womenwear and menswear. The items I still want from Balmain Homme are peacoat and biker jeans.

Shane B said...

couldn't agree more! But the limited availability of Balmain Homme makes it hard to wait till they go sale....