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My MANy Bags News #311

Below: M Jeans, made exclusively for tall men (over 1.82m). Now tall guys will not face the frustration of not being able to find a well fitted pair of jeans! M Jeans founder, Mark Seeger has created the perfect cut after years of research and trials:-) Mark looking very cute in his modelling pics:-P

Below: Tall men or ladies who want the tall man in your life to look as good as Mark, please check out!

Below: Love the label design and all the detailing... it's what makes a pair of jeans stand out!

Below: The red stitching and pocket design is looking incredibly good! Understated but distinctive:-)

Below: M Jeans branding marked discreetly on the buttons...

M Jeans Launches! Exclusively For TALL Men

I once had a real problem looking for clothes that fit me. Hard to believe, but there was a time in fashion history where menswear means outfitting for guys who have some muscles or at least some bulk. Slim guys like myself often find ourselves dwarfed by ill-fitting baggy clothing that swallows our slimmer frames. Thank goodness the fashion gods heard our pleas for help and sent forth a fashion genius, the name of Hedi Slimane who redefined menswear silhouettes. Even after his departure from Dior Homme, Hedi Slimane's slim fitted cuts and aesthetics remain a strong legacy in mens fashion. The idea of wearing more fitted clothes are welcomed by many more designers. Skinny jeans and slim fitted shirts have now become a staple in many fashionable mens' wardrobes.

Hence, I totally understand the frustration of not finding clothing that fit your body type. Little do I know beyond slim men, taller guys face this fashion problem as well. U might think, what ridicule am I blabbering about? Everyone wishes to be tall. Being tall is a blessing, especially when you need fixing a light bulb or tower over your peers in a crowded concert... so why is it a problem at all? Well from a fashion point of view, height is good, but when towering above the average, at over 1.82 metres, it means a TALL order to locate a pair of well fitted pants anywhere. And that includes men’s most quintessential piece of wardobe, a good pair of JEANS! Jeans are a must have for any guy!

Being over 1.82 metres and taller in height, conventional jeans cannot cater to the longer legs for these uniquely ‘physiqued’ guys. They are either too short or by choosing a larger size equates wearing a huge potato sack.

Fret not, tall men of the world... The fashion gods have answered your prayers. They have sent forth yet another saviour to solve another fashion crisis! This time it is none other than Singapore based, American export, Mark Seeger. He has just launched his new line of mens jeans, named M JEANS. Meticulously researched and tested, just for those taller men who never seem to be able to find a well fitted pair in any retail store.

Motivated by his disappointing store experience time and again, Mark started sewing his own jeans (wow, a man who can sew is impressive!). And with years of research in getting the right measurements, Mark perfected his version of tall men’s jeans. He became his own spokesperson by wearing them, and after seeing how great he looked in them, word got around and soon, hordes of tall men facing the same frustration start to make a beeline for his jeans.

Now Mark has officially launched M Jeans and offering them to all tall men of the world (He ships international from his website: M Jeans uses only select raw denim, no washes, rips or tears. The unique 5 pocket design exudes modest confidence and subtlety, embodied by hidden features such as suede pockets and vintage stitching. M Jeans are manufactured in 2 factories, one in Los Angeles, USA and the other in Guatemala.

“Suitable for the relaxed business-casual workplace. No longer do tall men have to put up with limited and inferior choices when it comes to jeans fashion.” Mark explained. "We want to give tall guys the confidence to be stylish and the ability to experiment with fashion like everyone else.”

Thank you Mark, the world just got more 'beautiful' now with more tall guys getting better fitted jeans:-) Get your pair of M Jeans online (USD150) at (M Jeans is sold exclusively online). But you can also email Mark ( to share your queries and concerns... He will be most happy to address any of your questions. Mark is very friendly and loves interacting with his customers.

Interesting trivia about M Jeans: The Finance minister of Thailand counts himself as one of M Jeans' customer. That should say a lot on how good a fit these jeans will have on tall men:-P

PS. Ladies, these jeans will be perfect for the tall men in your life... So shop away too!

Source: M Jeans

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