Friday, 4 February 2011

My Shoe Collection #50

Below: Presentation is everything is fashion... I love 3.1 Phillip Lim's shoe box design. Like a wedding gift, white drawer style slip case wrapped in texture white paper...

Below: What's unique about these Phillip Lim shoes are the varying leopard spot prints... it's cute and interesting!

Below: And in haircalf!

Below: Side zips for easy removal...

Below: Hiking boots style of lacing up the shoes... rough and tough but luxe!

Below: Lined with soft leather... comfy!

Below: Soles of the shoes...

3.1 Phillip Lim Leopard Haircalf High-cut Trainers

A reader just tweeted me about a new pair of Mihara Yasuhiro leopard print trainers. So this is what prompted me to do this post.

Yes, I love leopard prints. Especially when it is all the rage since the past few seasons. It's like an undying classic print that gets revived again and again. It could hide amongst trends when not a key trend or take the fashion spotlight as seen in last Fall Winter 2010 season. And this Spring Summer 2011 season, these leopard prints are poised to steal limelight again, but in the men's collections instead of the womens. Givenchy and Trussardi 1911's mens collection have all unabashedly flaunt these feral patterns.

But do I really need another pair of leopard print shoes after my Comme Des Garcon and Lanvin versions? I asked myself that question. I am afraid the phrase of Leopard prints will soon fade... so I was not ready to commit to another pair. But when I saw these 3.1 Phillip Lim Leopard Haircalf High-cut Trainers (Fall Winter 2010 collection), it ignites that WANT in me again. Perhaps it's the haircalf, the white and tan colours, but most of all the contrasting leopard spotted prints that got me very excited. The different varying prints pieced together to form the shoe is special and interesting. The leather lined interior, the size zip (for easy removing of the shoes), with the hiking boots style laces all made for an irresistible shoe design. Rough and tough, street inspired but luxe in appeal.

Perfect for those rolled hem pants, long sleeve shirts and Tom Ford thick acetate eye glasses, preppy cool with a touch of street. Kawaii I might say, but love is what I will proclaim.

That will conclude my 'need' for leopard print shoes for now. Mihara Yasuhiro's... oops. You came too late:-)

Source: myMANybags


Tom said...

These are gorge! My shoe collection is lacking some leopard prints. I have to consider.

Sol said...

OMG.. is it Real????????????????????
i do envy you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

notanotherstoryteller said...

love it !!! its so cute

silviasiantar said...