Monday, 25 April 2011

The Material Boy #463

Below: Where art thou? My latest Hermès obsession... The Kelly Double Tour So Black! Love the all black hardware... a new level of sophistication and mystique:-)

Hermès Kelly Double Tour So Black

I know I am a late warmer for this elusive Hermès beauty. From the Fall Winter 201o collection of Avengers meets James Bond theme... So black is a limited edition series launched a season ago, which includes Kelly So Black Bag, Kelly So Black Pochette, Birkin So Black and Kelly So black belt (check out my facebook fanpage for pics of the full family).

Ever since my face to face encounter with an actual Hermès Kelly Double Tour So Black (Approx. SGD730) at Bangkok's international airport, I cannot seem to get it out of my mind. Unfortunately, the only piece I found was too small a size for me, so I had to pass it up. I am now madly in love with the all black hardware (even the dust bags are black!) which adds a new level of mystique and sophistication to this classic piece of Hermès accessory. Of course, the So Black series being highly limited makes it a challenging but satisfying hunt when you finally landed yourself one. I am on the prowl now... going to mobilise all the shopping scouts I can find to get my very own exclusive piece.

Meanwhile I shall keep admiring the beauty of this latest Hermès obsession from the pic above...

Source: Hermés

3 comments: said...

Get one! I got lucky already. The Medium fits me perfectly!

Unknown said...

Hi MyMANYBags :) I'll be visiting Singapore very soon. I am just wondering do you have any idea how much is Kelly Double Tour Bracelet Medium (black or any color) there? I would like to compare the price of Hermes Manila with the Singapore. Hope you can help out. Thanks :D

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Juan,

the KDT bracelet costs SGD730 in SG (Normal leathers). At the moment, all Hermes stores in SG do not have KDT. Last I enquired, stock will arrive in June... but no confirmed dates.