Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Material Boy #464

Below: More ASOS finds for an early week 'guilt free' retail therapy... Check out these Shirt/Jersey Mix Polo T-shirts with contrast patch pockets/collars/sleeves of plaids and gingham checks! Love them... especially at only £15 (Free international shipping too)!

Early Week Shopping Temptations: ASOS Shirt and Jersey Mix Polo Shirt

This early in the week and I am scouring the web for some retail therapy. Work is especially trying especially when you just got back from a holiday! Retail remedies is imperative!

To avoid breaking the bank, I turned to my favourite online retailer ASOS for yet another successful dose of mood lifting shopping. Today's find are these fabulous preppy casual ASOS Shirt and Jersey Mix Polo Shirts which combines different panelling effects and materials for added interest! I love the navy colour version with gingham checks fabric lining on the placket and sleeves:-) How cute! And the black version with a pop of red plaid on the pockets, collar and placket is a welcome addition for any geek chic purveyor:-)

Wear with bow ties, shorts, thick rim glasses or fedora hats... there you go... 'Brad Goreski' at your disposal?

Best news... these amazing polo shirts costs just a mere £15 with free international to add! I just clicked on the purchase button... guess which one I got?:-) Click here to get yours:-)

Source: ASOS

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