Thursday, 7 April 2011

My Shopping Conquest #121

Below: Spring Summer 2011 is a 'belt tightening' season!

Belts Ahoy! Spring Summer 2011 Is 'Belt Tightening' Season...

Belts are often one of the most overlooked clothing item on a guy. And no, not all belts work magic and fit all looks. Belts are as equally important as all your other wardrobe pieces (the belt is worn at a strategic position of your body, very visible!). Besides serving a functional purpose of preventing you from indecent exposé (trousers falling down!), it is a fun item that lets you enhance your personality or add depth to an outfit. Forget logo belts (those are for occasional flaunting of your swelling bank account), wear belts that takes on the season's trend or expresses a certain mood you are feeling.

This Spring Summer 2011, I am feeling all the colour blocking craze seen on all levels of fashion. I am also dreaming of setting sails to the high seas, just in time for summer! So here's my latest acquisition for this 'Belt Tightening' SS2011 season:
1) Zara Narrow Yellow Leather Belt – SGD59.90
(Comes in red, orange and blue as well, most affordable colour blocking! Get all colours to mix & match)

2) Jil Sander Orange Red Textured Leather – SGD390
(The red is almost neon!)

3) ASOS Brass Anchor Buckle Leather Belt – £15
(I love anchor motifs)

4) ASOS Twisted Rope Belt – £15
(Sailing chic, where's my yacht?!?)

What are your 'belt tightening' finds this season?

available at all Zara Boutiques. Jil Sander available at Club 21 Mens, Four Seasons Hotel. ASOS available at

Source: myMANybags

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Paul said...

Nice belts! Love the Jill Sanders and the anchor-buckled ones. :)