Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #215

Below: Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2011 lookbook... another set of captivating photographic images starring yet again French model Clément Chabernaud... superb styling I must say! Love the fur vest:-)
Below: Love the hairstyle, am decided I am emulating that next month:-)
Below: Black and white photography accentuates the mood of the collection... restrained lines and details...
Below: Reminder... I need this hairstyle next month:-)
Below: Amazing outer wear awaits for FW2011...
Clément Chabernaud For Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2011 Lookbook

Criticism may be rampant over Christophe Decarnin's repetitive work for Balmain. But one thing that always garner praise has to be the beautiful serene photographic images from their mens lookbooks. Clever casting of french model Clément Chabernaud and tapping the keen photographic eyes of Karim Sadli never fail to ignite an uncontrollable yearning for Balmain Homme's pieces.

Below: Turquoise blue seems to be an accent colour for this FW2011 Balmain Homme collection...
Below: Plaid patterns are seen on lots of shirts as well...
Below: Breton stripes in red... same old , same old...
For Fall Winter 2011 (despite Christophe Decarnin's departure from Balmain and Olivier Rousteing taking over), Clément Chabernaud and Karim Sadli continue to charm fans with yet another captivating lookbook. The styling, the grooming, the mood of photography simply exudes magic... beautifully capturing the essence of Balmain Homme's Fall Winter 2011 collection based on winter mountains and military inspirations... To such extent, I am willing to forget the repetition of themes and styles in the collection. As Christophe Decarnin likes to say Balmain Homme isn't a collection; it's a wardrobe. That perhaps gives a more accurate insight on the aesthetics of the more restrained mens collection as compared to his brash womenswear.

However, not everyone will be taken in by this rationalisation. Karl Largerfeld for one, do not seem to think too highly of Christophe Decarnin.

"Forget about it! This was a job done by a fashion editor. I don’t even know the name of the man who did it, so don’t ask me about that." Karl Largerfeld thoughts on Christophe Decarnin leaving Balmain (Quoted from Fashionologie)

Karl Largerfeld may diss Christophe's position at Balmain as a fashion editor job... at least the styling part of the 'job' has been executed with flying colours:-P

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On a last note, I think I am going to emulate Clément's hairstyle next month... Simply gorgeous!

Source: Balmain

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