Thursday, 9 June 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #223

Below: Get ready for Boy Chanel collection this Fall Winter 2011... with designs that bears a strong sense of androgyny... just like the boyish attitude embodied by Coco Chanel...

Chanel Fall Winter 2011 Boy Chanel Collection

Apologies everyone, I misread the press info. The Boy Chanel collection is a woman's range. I guess I was wishing for Chanel man bags for the longest time and hence my misinterpretation initially:-)

This Boy Chanel collection is made for women... but those who embraced boyish charms and wants to exploit the masculine feminine attitudes present in the coming Fall Winter 2011 trends.

Here's extracts from the press info:

Far removed from the conventional feminine clichés, the Boy Chanel bag is immediately seductive and unmistakably different. Its ambivalent design has a hint of the androgynous woman and opens the way to a new kind of appeal. “Do the right thing at the right moment,” Mademoiselle Chanel used to say.

Worn as a shoulder or across-the-body bag, the Boy Chanel boldly asserts its difference, yet at the same time it is firmly rooted in tradition. Karl Lagerfeld suggests this with a new interpretation of boyish charm. “Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude, in fact it is the very spirit of Chanel. She got it from Boy Capel, the great love of her life, which, incidentally, explains why the new bag is called the Boy Chanel.”

This famous duality is a fundamental part of the bag, which is inspired by a cartridge bag that was originally made for hunters and was carried by the fashion visionary herself.

And if you are wondering about the signature interlocking C insignia... they will appear subtly on the circular centre of the silvered and aged gold metal buckle, supplemented by a subtle marking of the legendary Chanel name. These bags will be crafted in glazed calfskin in colours of flat red, deep black, intense grey, lead green and brilliant ivory. Choose from three sizes for the 'cartridge' bag, a purse and a large tote (which presumably will be the most sought after).

The wish for Chanel Mens range of bags may have to wait a while longer. But hopefully in the future, the bag gods will answer the prayers of all Chanel male fans!:-P

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Source: Chanel

2 comments: said...

I am not convinced that these bags are designed for men. Simply the name "Boy Chanel", as you stated comes from Boy Capel, her long time companion. Karl never says that these bags are intended for men, or am I missing something? I think we will have to wait longer if we want male appropriate CHANEL!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Sean for pointing out. I misread the press info. Too excited:-p Hahaha