Thursday, 7 July 2011

Great Minds Think Alike #31

Below: Glitter shoes... Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin?

Glitter Shoes: Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin?

Jimmy Choo
has just launched their new Fall Winter 2011 mens shoe collection. I must admit, I am not very thrilled with what I saw. It seems the shoemaker of choice for women worldwide has come a little too close for comfort to our favourite red soles for this season's offering.

One good example... check out this Black Glitter Slip-ons by Jimmy Choo... dejavu again? Besides the similar type of material for the shoe, do you also feel a strong akin in the shape of the shoe, to a certain Christian Louboutin's Rollerball Spikes in Silver Glitter? (Take away the spikes and they are like 'evil twins' born to different parents.)

You decide... great minds think alike or inspired?

However, I must admit, the black glitter does present a glamourous option for handsome tuxedos! Love the ensemble:-)

Jimmy Choo Black Glitter Slip-ons retails for ¥71,400(inc. tax), approx. SGD1081. Christian Louboutin Rollerball Spikes in Silver Glitter is priced at USD1295 (SGD1900).

Source: Jimmy Choo, Restir, Christian Louboutin


tedore said...

Those Jimmy Choo glittery are sooo look-a-like of Giacomorelli ones

uclaboi said...

They probably all made by the same manufacturer. I've noticed that with Lanvin sneakers and other brands have the same sole. Pierre Hardy makes sneakers for Hermes, etc.