Friday, 29 July 2011

The Material Boy #483

Below: Now you can be convinced you want this Gucci FW2011 Brief Bag... clutch it as a murse or use it as a briefcase...
Gucci Fall Winter 2011 Brief Bag

Just in case you have forgotten how fabulous and versatile this 'transformative' Gucci Fall Winter 2011 'Brief Bag' is... here's more pics to tempt those hard earned $$$ out of your pocket.

Kwannam from we could grow up together is making sure he reminds you you need this bag.

The fab 'clutch+briefcase' is yours for USD1980:-) Anyone up for it?

(See my previous post on this bag from my Gucci Showroom visit here. More pics on my facebook fan page too.)

Source: Gucci, We Could Grow Up Together

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