Friday, 22 July 2011

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #183

Below: Hermés Twilly as a bracelet... the most affordable Hermès accessory you can own!
Hermés Twilly As A Bracelet

Have you ever loved the appeal of an Hermés bracelet(the likes of Collier De Chien, Kelly Double Tour and The Rivale) but found the pricing way out of reach? Well, with a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can enjoy some of that Hermés charm on your wrist and yet do not have to cost you an arm or leg.

Hermés Twilly to the rescue. Twilly is one of the most versatile and multi-functional accessory in the Hermés arsenal. Typically used to decorate or protect the leather handles of those precious birkins, however its usage extend way beyond. This little fine piece of silk can be worn as a scarf, folded as pocket square or even double up as a bracelet. It's the most affordable entry level Hermés that anyone could own. Just check out the pic above. This lady has successfully decorated her wrist and added that Hermés sophistication with a little twilly magic. Love the pink and Kelly strap pattern on her Trés Kelly Twilly. With so many Twilly designs to choose from, you can literally wear a different Hermés bracelet everyday!

I love the idea of Twilly as a bracelet. Simple but yet elegant and sophisticated. Even boys can adopt the look if you choose more sombre and neutral colours. I usually prefer smaller patterns as they wrap around better on smaller surfaces such as the wrist. Do not be afraid to play with bold colours too. You'd be surprise how bright hues can create a different look altogether. The possibilities are simply limitless. To add icing to the cake, opt for some Twilly Bijoux such as the medor metal square studs for some bling bling hardware to give CDCs a run for their money:-)

What are you waiting for, at SGD230... the Hermés dream is not that far fetch after all.

Source: Sartorialist, Hermés

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