Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Material Boy #491

Below: Prada Brogues alternative? Loving these Comme Des Garçons SHIRT Vibram Sole Brogue Shoes...

Comme Des Garçons SHIRT Vibram Sole Brogue Shoes

Been lusting over a pair of Prada's thick wedge sole brogues but put off by the high price? I found a great alternative by an equally avant garde brand. Comme Des Garçons SHIRTs Vibram Sole Brogue Shoes offers similar quirky styles but at less than half the price. Retailing at £275 pounds, this shoe is much lighter in weight than Prada's. Of course, you do not get the coloured stripe soles and panelling, but if you are the understated dresser, these fit you perfect.

Saw them at Club 21's Bangkok boutique and I would grab a pair myself! If not, get them online from my wardrobe.

Source: My Wardrobe

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