Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Material Boy #496

Below: Get these Hermès Capri Silk Belts for a touch of gentlemenly insouciance... Comes in pairs so you get the flexibility of mixing and matching:-P Love the
Etrivière palladium buckle too...
Hermés Mens Capri Silk Belts

To fully capture the insouciance of a modern dandy, using ties as belts has long been a fashion statement of men to reflect that attractive devil-may-care attitude. Thanks to Hermès, now you have more reasons to adopt this casual easy accessory, without unsightly knots and ill-fitting lengths, but one that is purposely created as a real belt. Get yourself these Hermès Capri Silk Belts crafted with the finest of silk prints and an amazing Etrivière palladium buckle. Comes in a pair, you can interchange (with snap buttons) and mix and match the belts to your moods and outfit.

Perfect for summer or those party nights. Looking effortless and adding patterns and colour has never been this easy. Retails for approx. CHF730 (approx. SGD1100) at all Hermès boutiques. My favourite has to be the set with a tartan print and a light blue 'H' insignia pattern. This looks poised to be my next Hermès wishlist.

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Source: Hermès

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