Sunday, 4 September 2011

My MANy Bags News #340

Below: Bangkok will welcome 3 fashion powerhouses to their retail scene very soon, all thanks to Club 21 Global. Lanvin...

Below: Alexander Wang... (Girls start screaming!)

Below: and my most anticipated... Givenchy! Club 21 members with discount privileges can enjoy their discounts now (yes even in Bangkok!) and no longer have to pay full retail like in Singapore (Singapore's Givenchy is operated by FJ Benjamin)...

myMANybags Shopping Intelligence: New Stores Opening Soon In Bangkok By Club 21 Global

Having just gotten back from a weekend getaway to the land of smiles... I thought I share some 'shopping intelligence' with fellow shopping fans who shares my love for Bangkok.

If you think Singapore's luxury retail scene is unbeatable in our region... think thrice. Our friendly neighbour, Bangkok is also getting a boost in their luxury offerings with impending addition of 3 fashion powerhouses to the city of angels (and shopping!). All operated by my favourite luxury retailer, Club 21 Global. French chic Lanvin, New York edgy Alexander Wang (Favourite for models! Singapore seems to be opening one soon too!), and avant garde Givenchy will all have their own standalone store in Bangkok soon! (all located inside Erawan Bangkok.)

If that's not enough reason to get you planning a trip to the city of angels... then how about Club 21's membership discounts and vouchers being applicable in Bangkok as well? That means, you will enjoy not paying full retail plus reward points accumulation even when you are shopping outside of Singapore's Club 21 Global operated boutiques. I am thrilled with this piece of news, especially since Givenchy in Singapore is operated by FJ Benjamin (which I do not have any discount privileges).

Time to fly to Bangkok again:-P Live the high life: Eat, spa and literally shop shop till u drop!

(Download Club 21 Global's new smart phone app here which will ensure you stay updated with shopping news both in Singapore and Bangkok. And get information on lifestyle and dining privileges in both cities... all at your fingertips!)

Source: myMANybags, Club 21 Global

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Dhriti said...

Club 21 seems to be making headlines left, right and center! Broke my bank account a little at their recent end of season sale - beautiful clothes at bargain prices were hard to pass up :)

Am currently loving their iPhone app. I get 24/7 access to my Club 21 account & also have a complete guide to Singapore at the tips of my fingers. Straightforward to navigate, very informative & the beautiful interface design is the cherry on top of the cake!

Bangkok store openings sound very exciting! Everyone should have access to a little bit of Lanvin :)