Friday, 16 September 2011

My MANy Bags News #342

Below: Gucci brings 'The Artisan Corner' to Singapore (Gucci Paragon store). Get a behind the scenes look at how iconic Gucci bags are created today! Special demonstration from 3pm to 7pm at Gucci Paragon Store...
Below: You will be impressed and amazed at the meticulous attention to detail and intricate processes involved to create your favourite Gucci bag.. such as this artisan working on a Gucci Bamboo Bag...

Below: Another artisan stitching up the bag by hand... a process that takes a lot of skill and patience...

Below: Hurry down to Gucci Paragon today to view the mini exhibition...

Gucci 'The Artisan Corner 2011'

It's too good to keep a secret, when you have some of the world's most skilled artisans working behind the scenes to create time honoured works of beauty for your brand. In celebration of their 90th Anniversary, Gucci brings this experience of a behind-the-scenes look at how these artisans create some of the most iconic Gucci handbags (such as the Bamboo, New Jackie and the Stirrup) directly to you.

The Artisan Corner is a travelling mini exhibition around the world that will showcase the skills of these talented craftsman. Witness first hand at custom-built workshops, the meticulous attention to detail and intricate techniques involved to produce Gucci's leather goods. Good news, the exhibition has arrived in Singapore shores!

Open to the public, the artisans will be on hand for a special demonstration today from 3 in the afternoon till 7 in the evening. You can even get complimentary personalisation (hot stamping of initials) on your Gucci’s bags and SLGs during the exhibition. Do hurry down to Gucci Paragon Flagship store (Singapore) today to get a glimpse of Gucci's artisans at work. (There is one guy who is exceptionally pleasing on the eyes:-P)

Below: Besides a showcase of the artisans' skill, you can also meet this eye candy who will personalise (hot stamp your initials) your Gucci bags and SLGs during the exhibition... Lucky Ms 'Gigi' who got her Bamboo bag stamped:-P

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