Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ad Campaign And Catalogues #236

Below: Balenciaga Fall Winter 2011 Mens Bags... new designs such as these messenger style Utility or pouch-like, Reporter S may soon join your bag collection?:-P

Below: I know these Balenciaga Mens Clip Bags will be a hot favourite! Question is which colour to pick? The coquelicot (red) is stunning:-)

Below: Besides bags, get ready to be tempted by cool bracelets and belts...
Below: Even the shoes are looking very promising... the contemporary designed yellow coloured sole buckled leather monkstraps gets my vote!
Balenciaga Fall Winter 2011 Mens Bags, Shoes And Accessories

Who is the star of Balenciaga's Fall Winter 2011 Mens Bags, Shoes And Accessories? In my opinion, of course, it's undisputedly the mens clip clutches:-) Which is the star colour for this Fall Winter 2011 season? To me, the stunning rouge red, Coquelicot is a clear winner! I am now seriously tempted by a red Mens Clip after seeing the lookbook pics:-) I wonder who manage to snag himself one from Club 21 lately? Jealous, envious!

Besides Mens Clip clutches, other bags on offer this season include familiar designs, Courier and Mens Day bags, in a range of new colours such as Vert Fonce (Olive), Biche (Biscuit brown) and Anthracite. There is also a new messenger style bag, named the Utility to get fans excited. If you have been searching for a messenger style Balenciaga bag but not impressed with the women's Folk bag, then, the Utility could be the ideal choice! 2 straps adorned the front flap to give it a schoolboy appeal, while silver arena studs and distinctive styling give it the unmistakable Balenciaga flavour.

Besides Utility, there is also the smaller brother, the Reporter S which features a pouch like zip-opening design, petite enough to be handy but yet appropriately sized to store a good amount of essentials (or even your camera).

Beyond bags, the shoes and belts are all measuring up in the design department this season. I especially favoured this season's contemporary buckled leather monkstraps with yellow coloured soles as well as metal plate details on the toes of quirky boots. That deep red pair is a clear winner!:-)

What are your picks?

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Source: Balenciaga


we could grow up 2gether said...

clips are the best. forget the rest

Unknown said...

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Now I'm considering getting a clutch after seeing this post! The shoes with the metal thingy look pretty sweet too!

Unknown said...

These bags are so cool!!! I'm fond of the brand Balenciaga and their products. Its designer sunglasses are the best. They have brilliant and unique style.