Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #243

Below: Lanvin's Spring Summer 2012 Mens Shoes continues to push expectations with some amazing designs that is ever so desirable... this season it is all about deliberate unfinished details. I love the Pecary Derby (wedge sole lace-up) with the exposed stitches!

Below: Not a fan of the bags... but perhaps some of you will like the utilitarian and practical designs...
Lanvin Spring Summer 2012 Mens Bags, Shoes And Accessories

In a collection that celebrates the heroic male, Lanvin continues to toughen up their boys for SS2012, shaping them into male archetypes that transcend inspirations from uniforms, military, hippy ethnic to urban tailoring.

Evident with such diverse influences are details and designs that translated well both on the ready to wear and amazing accessories. Lanvin Spring Summer 2012 sends out footwear with deliberate 'unfinished' details such as stitch work, loose laces, frayed seams on lace-ups, wedge shoes, boots and the best sandals ever. These are highly original shoes had won me over as a fan, tasteful in the sense of being 'distasteful'. Oddball designs seem to be the trend for mens footwear next season. Shoes that become statement pieces and the more off beat you are, the more outstanding. Somehow there seems to be a strange refinement in Lanvin's that makes them more desirable than the rest. The Pecary Derby featuring exposed stitches with a wedge sole is my ultimate favourite.

However, the same appeal cannot be said of the bags. I always find Lanvin bags being over or under designed that they fast become irrelevant outside of their current season. The only redeeming detail which gets me excited for SS2012 are the techno ethnic pattern on a nylon tote (also seen on asymmetric t-shirts) which could be worth a look. Otherwise, I reckon I save my money on other bags that could milk more mileage and style statement.

All in all, in my opinion, Lanvin's ready to wear, jewellery and shoes gets an obvious tick... but the bags are best left at individuals' discretion.

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Source: Lanvin

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