Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #242

Below: Prada Spring Summer 2012 Shoes and accessories collection... kitsch or chic? You decide! I bet these golf inspired shoes are going to be a hit with the boys come next season...

Below: Bejewelled bags for guys in pastel colours? Prada makes them just so desirable!

Below: Get golf crazy for SS2012... cute key rings!

Prada Spring Summer 2012 Mens Shoes, Bags And Accessories

If anyone can turn kitsch to chic, it has to be Miuccia Prada. The ever inspiring and intellectual designer has turned gaudy flower prints, quirky illustrations, bejewelled studs and odd colour combinations into a highly interesting (and I presume highly sought-after) collection for Spring Summer 2012. Throw in golfing influences, and you have a most unexpected and clashing mix of inspirations.

Is it time to 'retire' all those espadrilles brogues that Prada has been unabashedly promoting the past 2 seasons? I think so... Cos' there's a new hit shoe waiting to be headlined for next season. Fringed golf shoes with a twist, bejewelled or not! I bet all the streetstyle blogs will be flooded with male fashionistas spotting a pair come next fashion season. Equally head turning are those portfolio bags in pastel coloured saffiano leathers, and again decorated with jewelled studs which you either love or hate. Tacky or chic, you decide:-P

Get ready to tee off for SS2012 (It's a golf frenzy... Even the key rings spot golf motifs)... will Prada score a retail 'birdie' for next season? We shall find out soon!

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Source: Prada


Unknown said...

frankly, this has to be one of prada's worst collections. very tacky and indulgent. even if these shoes go on sale i wouldn't buy them...i don't know what muiccia was thinking when she made this.

Unknown said...

I'm in between "eh" and "wow" with these shoes. I do love the colors but Im having second thoughts on its look. Just saying :)

Maurice Lim said...

I am so in love with the Prada espadrilles brogue, I even managed to hunt down a "runway" piece from Japan. They are the best shoes I ever bought in my entire life, I have 4 pairs of them now and I am still craving for more :3. And I also can't express how much I regretted missing out those studded shoes in Fall Winter 2009. But this, SS2011 is seriously off my wishlist. Was expecting something more wearable, and who wears golf shoes on the streets? I don't understand this concept...