Friday, 4 November 2011

My Shopping Conquest #125

Below: I love my new McQ Alexander McQueen Razor Blade Triple Tour Bracelet!
Below: Fun and taunting attention:-P Anyone care to try to wear this when passing thru airport security?;-P
McQ Alexander McQueen Razor Blade Triple Tour Bracelet

Looking for an unusual and yet affordable piece of wrist jewellery? I highly recommend McQ Alexander McQueen's Razor Blade Triple Tour Bracelet. Featuring a menacing looking hardware, resembling your shaving razor blade, this is one fun and attention grabbing bracelet to wear. I wore mine today and it is not only of a versatile design, but adds a dangerous, 'living on the edge' persona to your look. And at a price tag of only SGD160, it seemed a crime not to add to your wardrobe... If not for the interesting design, then for the priceless reactions you might garner from airport security on your next travel:-P (How's that for taunting the authorities? Just don't tell them I suggested this:-P Oops...)

The bracelet is stocked at Club 21b at Forum Shopping Mall, Singapore. Comes in silver or gold hardware. Matching necklaces are also available.

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Source: myMANybags, Club 21b


Unknown said...

Great bracelet, but you could tell us more about the gorgeous blue clutch?

Unknown said...


Vasil Bozhilov said...

Love it. I want one too

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

The clutch is from ASOS:-P

Wrote about it on my facebook fanpage.

Unknown said...

Found it, thanks. Sadly the blue is gone :(

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Mine's black and gold:-) not blue.

Unknown said...

I really want this bracelet :) do you have any idea where I can get one ONLINE?