Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Material Boy #506

Below: A key look from Lanvin SS2012 that features my top 2 picks for next season... must have!
Lanvin Spring Summer 2012 Menswear: My Favourite Look

Today is officially the last month of 2011... End of season sales have sprung up all over the stores. Are you ready to start your shopping list afresh and plan ahead for SS2012? I know I am!

I shall begin with one of my favourite looks for SS2012. Lanvin has created some of the most interesting and wearable styles that I covet dearly for next season. The look above tops my wishlist. Outstanding detailing with the sleeveless top that displays an ethnic pattern on the bottom, worn asymmetrically, peaking out beautifully under the smart pin-stripe blazer. That blazer has a leather fastening tab and exposed seams which is exceptionally 'Lanvin-esque'. The innovative cut and details does not end just yet, pay attention to the unique bulge created at the the shoulders which give it a more pronounced shape. I deemed that a 'heroic shoulder'... every guy envies broad shoulders that portray a sense of protection and masculinity:-P I need that jacket!

Below: Loving the ethnic pattern on this sleeveless top that can be worn asymmetrically under a blazer... the pattern will peak out nicely under:-)

Below: Lanvin continues to make the best mens jackets... modern take on pin stripes with a leather fastening tab and exposed seams. Most importantly, the 'bulging' shoulders give it a 'heroic silhouette':-)
Available at Lanvin. Be prepared to part a hefty chunk of your hard-earned cash for both pieces, but u will live a Lanvin legacy that is priceless...

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Source: Lanvin


The Fashion Commentator said...

I'm in love with your fashion taste!
Good Lanvin choice!

Alessandro - The Fashion Commentator said...

Prices are getting out of control, don't you think?