Friday, 27 January 2012

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #250

Below: Interesting shoe designs for Bally's SS2012 footwear collection... love the thick soled multi-coloured tasselled loafers (SGD990) and deck shoes (SGD650)...
Below: Hybrid designs of classic brogues with boot soles gets my vote!
Bally Spring Summer 2012 Mens Shoes

Bally continues to refresh their brand for Spring Summer 2012. Leveraging on their long heritage and injecting a new modern sensibility have brought a new level of design appeal to their shoes.

For Spring Summer 2012, look out for hybrid styles, where boots meets brogues, trainers meets boat shoes. Boots soles add a new sense of toughness for classic brogues, and now in multi-colours for that playful touch. Trainers are now invading into your boat decks with colourful versions that adds that extra sportive touch.

Rubber soled tasselled loafers, despite resembling Burberry FW2011, are also noteworthy, especially in bi-colours of tan and brown. The dual layer effect on the soles just gives it that extra panache.

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Source: Bally

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Unknown said...

the vibram in black would have been a much wiser choice for the first shoe. the only factor keeping me from purchasing them.