Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Material Boy #516

Below: Prada SS2012 Studded Saffiano Leather Document Holder... yes or no for SS2012?

Below: The tobacco colour is less brash... if I were to get one, I chose this colour...
Prada Studded Saffiano Leather Document Holder

At £1,110 a piece, I was shocked by the price of these Prada SS2012 Studded Saffiano Leather Document Cases. Called it a DIY 'bedazzle' piece or a kitsch+ cute statement bag, does it really warrant this price tag? I know the rhinestones (think Las Vegas cowboy tackydom) require time to fasten one by one... the leather is Prada's signature saffiano... and the brand is Prada.... but I am wondering who is willing to part with this kind of money for the bag?

Below: As seen on the SS2012 runway...

I leave you to decide. The shape and colours are amazing. The back pocket is user friendly. Perhaps for half the price, I might consider getting one just for some fashion attention during SS2012:-)

What say you?

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Source: Prada


Unknown said...

I saw the Black and Blue doc holder at Pacific Place HKG. I don't even bother to look at it (so tacky). The shoes are pretty decent but my ultimate LOVE is the Dancing Man Shirt for HK$4100 a pop.

Jeremy Bravo said...

When I saw the pics my first thought was: Prada met BeDazzler lol. The jewel studs look exactly like the ones for BeDazzler, and because of that it makes me think the bags look cheap (even though it prolly took a while to make them). I didn't wanna post my thought at first because I didn't want to offend you, but then I read your post. =P