Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Material Boy #520

Below: These Bleecker Painted Stripe Portfolios and Reversible Totes from Coach Spring Summer 2012 mens collection gets my thumbs up! I love the new colours for summer... so bright, so outstanding!

Below: Coach Bleecker Painted Stripe Leather Portfolios costing an affordable SGD475...
Below: Coach Bleecker Painted Stripe Leather Reversible Totes costing an affordable SGD725... reverses out to a bright matching coloured canvas side...:-)

Coach Spring Summer 2012 Bleecker Painted Stripe Totes And Portfolios

I was invited to preview the upcoming Coach Spring Summer 2012 mens collection last Thursday. There were so many styles that I immediately took a liking after. But out of all the handsome arm candies I saw that evening, these Coach Bleecker Painted Stripe Totes And Portfolios tops my wishlist.

The Bleecker Painted Stripe Reversible Totes (SGD725) is not new to the Coach mens family. But Spring Summer 2012 sees these handy bags given a fresh coat of colour, this time in brilliant eye popping red, tan and deep olive colour with brighter and more stunning stripe colours. How can you not affix your eyes to the red one which screams get me get me! (One minor complain though, is the reversed canvas side features a gigantic logo, which in my case is not preferred. So I probably keep the leather side always on:P)

However, it is not the totes that got me pre ordering my piece of Coach SS2012... but those smart but fun Bleecker Painted Stripe Leather Portfolio (SGD475) in similar bright hues which was love at first sight. Crafted in smooth and soft hand burnished Glove Tanned Leather... the portfolio spots a good size to hold much but not overwhelm you when you need minimal for the day. The red colour version adds an instant pop of sartorial zest when you need a colour uplift. I chose the red! Besides red, there are also a brick reddish brown tone that is less loud and may tickle your fancy too. All in all, these new Coach Painted Stripe bags is definitely on my good books:-)

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Source: Coach, myMANybags

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GimbelGoldbar said...

I adore these striped bags! So my favorite color mixes!!