Monday, 14 May 2012

The Material Boy #535

Below: Finally the most affordable item that features Givenchy's highly sought after 'Birds Of Paradise' print... These silk screpe scarves are gorgeous and exquisite!
Below: Comes in black and red or ivory and green too! I want all:-P

Givenchy Fall Winter 2012 Mens 'Birds Of Paradise' Scarves

Smitten by Givenchy's 'Birds of Paradise' print? Want to own a piece of this highly-coveted print, but the pricing made you cringe and run? Well, now you do not have to pawn your bladder or go on baked beans for months to get into the  'Birds of Paradise' frenzy. I finally discovered the most affordable pieces from Givenchy's SS2012 collection that features this most sought print.

Check out these Silk Crepe Scarves measuring 90cm x 90cm costs for just €190.91 (The t-shirts costs USD785!). These exquisite silk scarves comes in 3 colours, from black to ivory white to red. It's a tough choice since all looked fabulous, especially when tied. I'd pick either anyday! But I seem to have an inclination towards the black. What will be your colour?

If €190.91 is still beyond your budget... do not get disheartened... Believe it or not, you can still get a piece of the 'Birds of Paradise' print at way lesser than the silk scarves' price. Introducing the 'Birds of Paradise' printed cotton bandanas (measures 70cm x 70cm)! At a mere €63.64, I don't think anyone can complain about the price tag this time. I know I could not and hence ordered one for myself already. It's simply too good to pass up on such a good bargain! 

Below: These cotton bandanas are the most affordable at Euro 63.64 (approx. SGD103)... do not miss out on it!
Interested fans, take your picks now at Hurry before they sell out!
(On a last note, do bear in mind these scarves and bandanas are on pre-order status with delivery latest by 31 August. Can't wait?... then perhaps they are not for you:-p)

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