Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Material Boy #536

Below: Getting slightly 'bored' with the classic Hermès bracelets (CDC, Kelly Double Tour, Clic Clac H or Kelly Dog)? How about this very appealing and interesting Dandy Pavane Wrap-around bracelet to refresh your Hermès bracelet collection?
Below: Love the quadro wrap-around design with silver or gold Pavane clasp... comes in black or fawn tadelakt calfskin... Retails for £380.

Hermès Dandy Pavane Wrap-around Bracelet

If you have been collecting Hermès bracelets for a while now, perhaps you will face this 'problem' like me. After years of collecting all the different classic Hermès bracelets such as Collier De Chien, Kelly Double Tour, Clic Clac H or Kelly Dogs, I do get a little bored buying the same things again and again. I know different colours and hardware options add a fresh thrill, but the feeling of wearing something entirely different is still the most rewarding.

However, Hermès do not churn out new designs too often (to maintain exclusivity) so there has not been any worthy new bracelets to drool over lately. Well, that was until 2 weeks ago when I spotted this familiar yet different bracelet inside Hermès' boutique showcase here in SG.

Check out the Dandy Pavane which in my opinion is quite an appealing design:-) Comes with a slim leather strap that wraps 4 times around your wrist and features a silver or gold Pavane clasp. It's definitely more interesting than the other bracelets in the Pavane family! I also love the fawn Tadelakt calfskin with silver palladium clasp... which balances perfectly casual and smart. Wear it over weekend afternoon tea then to evening parties, this bracelet has just the right mix of casual attitudes and luxurious touch. I want want want! Comes in black too. The next Hermès bracelet to join my collection for sure:-) What about you? Yes or no?

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Source: Hermès

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