Saturday, 19 October 2013

Céline Reopens At DFS Galleria Scottswalk Singapore

Below: Céline at DFS Galleria Scottswalk Singapore reopens with a bigger, better store space. And for now, the newly minted store stocks the most impressive range of exotic skin Céline bags I have ever seen... I love the Navy Crocodile Luggage tote... Check out the store to see these arm candies up close and personal. Take one home too!:-P
Bigger and Better: Céline Reopens At DFS Galleria Scottswalk Singapore

Céline fans alert. DFS Galleria Scottswalk Singapore just revamped their Céline boutique and reopened yesterday. I had the delight to pop by for a private preview of what’s available at the revamped space. Bigger better and stocking more than ever. Céline appeal is not going anywhere.

From yesterday’s preview, there seems to be the biggest ever gathering of Céline exotic arm candies I have ever seen. So if you have the budget and looking for something unique, such as a navy crocodile Luggage Tote... this is the time. Priced at SGD36030...  this will be the envy of your fellow bag fans. Or choose from python phantom luggages (SGD7100) or Edge bags... all waiting to be adopted.

The regular calfskin versions are not missing in action, just waiting in the back. So ask for them if you are looking for more attainable versions. Hurry, pop by today! 

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