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Montblanc Meisterstück Tuscany Collection

Below: Newly launched in November, Montblanc Meisterstück Tuscany collection blending the ancestral skill of Italian artisans with contemporary design for a collection of ‘power executives’ befitting bags and accessories... all crafted in supple and strong buffalo leather...
The New Leather Goods collection from Montblanc: Montblanc Meisterstück Tuscany

Like I mentioned before, I have a fascination over mens work bags. Perhaps that explains why I am a huge fan of TV series involving smart successful good looking men, the likes of Suits, Mad Men and my favourite... White Collar. (Ok, the last one is not exactly a legitimate professional...but Neal Caffrey does dress to look the part to succeed in his ruse:-P)

The idea of male power dressing evokes a certain appeal and sexiness:-P I am drawn to successful people in general.

A smart suit and well pressed shirt is nothing without the right work bag to complete the look. Every successful professional need that refined briefcase or matching accessories to impress and leave the good impression. And for Christmas, there is nowwhere more appropriate to buy for yourself or look for gifts for your friends in this calibre than Montblanc.

Launching just this November, the NEW Montblanc Meisterstück Tuscany collection blends the ancestral skill of Italian artisans with contemporary design for a collection of ‘power executives’ befitting bags and accessories. Each is crafted with the authentic beauty of buffalo leather. The new collection which includes 11 products, in Terra and Nero colours, such as wallets, business card and passport holders and briefcases, all bear the legendary strength and extraordinary suppleness of the this leather. Every skin is unique, revealing the animal’s life through an entirely individual pattern of natural marks and creases. In a sense, therefore, every Meisterstück Tuscany item has its own story to tell, even before its proud owner makes it his companion for life…

My picks from the collection? The slim hand-held document case with a matching card holder will make yourself even more imposing at work or better, when presented as Christmas gifts move you up your successful friend’s close aquaintances list.  Connections are as priceless as first impressions in the corporate world:-P

Prices range between 115€ and 1450€. Available at Montblanc boutiques in Singapore now.

Below: The classic double gusset briefcase has been Montblanc's best seller... now made even better with the new authentic beauty of buffalo leather...

Source: Montblanc

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