Friday, 10 January 2014

Mihara Yasuhiro 'Grunge' Up Céline Cabas?

Below: Mihara Yasuhiro does it again... After the iconic Birkin... another highly recognisable bag gets his 'grunge-up' treatment... this time it is Céline Cabas's turn!
Mihara Yasuhiro 'Grunges' Up Another Iconic Bag: Céline Cabas

Remember the ‘grunge’ up Birkin I featured several seasons back from Mihara Yasuhiro? It was controversial and clearly fans were divided on their opinions. Some say it was bag blasphemy, while others embrace the irony of ‘deconstructing’ the world’s most recognisable bag. I, myself, applaud the boldness of Mihara Yasuhiro for this attempt. Conceptually interesting... a poke in the face at all the bag snobs can be a very fun thing. This is what keeps fashion interesting.

So for Spring Summer 2014, another iconic bag gets the Mihara ‘grunge’ treatment. This time, it’s Céline whose popularity in their bag designs is unstoppable. Their horizontal Céline Cabas toughens up with an extension of an unfinished leather panel at the base. The resemblance is uncanny, yet the feel is different. This Mihara Yasuhiro version somehow gets that extra street edge. I love it!

Diehard fans may frown upon the idea. But fashion fans who embrace fun will enjoy this sarcastic spin on a highly popular bag. Imagine walking into a Céline boutique  and the expression of the store assistants will be priceless. That should be worth all the price you paid for. 

USD921 if you are keen. Available at Club 21 Online Store.

Below: I love this... Cool spin to poke some fun at an iconic bag:-P

Source: Miharayasuhiro

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