Wednesday, 22 January 2014

NEW: Hermès Hydra And Hector Bracelets

Below: New Hermès bracelet designs to covet... Check out these minimalist Hydra Bracelets with an understated appeal!

New: Hermès Hydra And Hector Bracelets

We have all been too familiar with our favourite Hermès bracelets. Yes, Collier De Chien, Kelly Double Tour and Kelly Dog bracelets have been a staple in many Hermès fans’ collection. But how many of the same design can you stock up over the years? I am afraid 3-5 of the same design is already one too many. That is why Hermès constantly updates with fresh designs to keep fans happy and the buying frenzy ongoing. From micro Kelly Double Tour, Rivale to Kelly Dog Extreme, we have seen redux of classics with new proportions. But for this season, look out for entirely new Hermès bracelet designs which get a modern makeover.

Check out the amazingly minimalistic Hermès Hydra bracelets (USD470 or SGD730). Secured by a simple twist-lock metal rod hardware, this new design has just the right blend of understated luxury and bling. So simple, it makes a quiet appeal of its own. Available in gold or palladium with an array of gorgeous Hermès leather colours to choose from. I can definitely foresee myself adding one to my wrist very soon especially I have witness how good it looked on me last weekend:-P. Love the width (which is broader than a KDT but narrower than a CDC), a good sized casual weekend accessory for sure.

The other new design that catches my eye is the Hermès Hector Bracelet (USD405 or SGD630). A double tour leather strap, retaining a certain ‘rawness’ and flanked by a ‘button’ Clous De Selle hardware. The broader strap width definitely work proportionately better on a guy’s wrists while the non-stitched leather edges has a tougher look. Barenia coloured leather is especially perfect for this design.

So which of these 2 new Hermès bracelet will catch your eye? I know I want both!

Below: I love the 'raw' appeal of these Hermès Hector bracelets... Perfect for guys!
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