Monday, 10 November 2014

Fendi Fall Winter 2014 Mens Backpack

Below: Backpacks are no longer reserved for school... Adult designs from many luxury brands are putting them under the fashion spotlight. This one from Fendi's Fall Winter 2014 mens collection gets all the right ticks... modern angular flap cover, interesting zipper details on the sides and masculine styling means it's a must have for the season! Especially cool when decorated with those cute bag bugs charm... Loving this nylon crocodile printed version:-)
Below: A more timeless alternative, albeit more pricey version is the Selleria leather options... gorgeous leather and well worth every penny!
Fendi Fall Winter 2014 Mens Backpack: Selleria Leather and Crocodile Printed Nylon

Fendi is currently my favourite bag brand, being on a roll generating great interest thru their bag bugs and Mens Peekaboo Tote. Everyone wants a piece of those decorative furry critters or the handsome uniquely designed bag. But beyond all the hype about these popular items, I am also loving some of the incredible men bag designs that came down their Fall Winter 2014 mens runway.

One such bag is the backpack with an angular edge flap cover, adorn with interesting zipper details on both sides. This is one modern backpack that puts luxury and functionality seamlessly together. The modernity of the piece also serves as a great ‘canvas’ to hang those lovely bag bugs charm and add a little humour to the very adult design. There is definitely no dispute being ‘high school kids’ when you are carrying this gorgeous backpack.

For timeless style, the Selleria leather version (Approx SGD2785 at Matches Fashion) are to die for. Or opt for the nylon crocodile print version for that added visual zest. I love the latter for the lighter weight as compared to the leather counterpart.

I want one! Backpack simply makes commuting so much easier:-) Will be perfect for my year end getaway after Christmas.

Source: Fendi

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