Thursday, 22 January 2015

Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 'Gypsophila' Floral Print Mens Bags, Shoes And Accessories

Below: Spring Summer 2015 brings about yet another compelling Givenchy print to win fans all over again... this time it is back to nature with a botanical print of baby's breath (Gypsophila Flower)... Are you feeling the fresh summer air already? Love the print on their footwear, especially the skates sneakers!
Below: Look out for backpacks in the new floral print, which are always highly sought after...

 Below: A whole range of accessories are getting a floral makeover... from clutch bags to messengers to wallets and belts!

Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 'Gypsophila' Floral Print Mens Bags, Shoes And Accessories

Givenchy's high popularity can be attributed to its visually compelling prints. When applied on wearable wardrobe pieces, they have cashed in astounding sales and won over the hearts of many fashion fans. This success has seen their collections adopting the same model of creating new unique prints season after season. Spring Summer 2015 is no exception.

For this season, Riccardo Tisci reveals the dark and romantic side of the Givenchy man. With it comes a new floral print inspired by baby’s breath (Gypsophila flower). The summer friendly imagery injects a sense of freshness and contrasted the very street edge range of accessories, toughening it up for the masculine ideals of the Givenchy man. Florals can be frown upon as too girly, but never for Givenchy.

It is fascinating the number of iterations the design team can whipped up off this new print. Look out for fan fave backpacks featuring a dark and light version of the floral pattern, as well as high tops and sandals. The highly demanded clutch bag gets their own spin as well while flamboyantly marked floral scarves with a 17 insignia merges gothic with sensuality.

I personally liked this print so much more than the abstract basketball or the Doberman pattern from past seasons. At least, florals never cease to bloom in the fashion crowd’s favour each time spring summer season comes. This one should be a keeper for years to come.

Source: Givenchy

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